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Stacy, a registered dental hygienist here at Exton Dental, provides dental cleanings with a caring touch. Her efforts to make friendly, personal connections with each of our clients goes a long way to relaxing everyone who comes through our doors.

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STACY: My name is Stacy and I am a registered dental hygienist. Here at Exton Dental Health Group in Pennsylvania Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, the patients are usually really enthusiastic to come in for their six month cleanings. A lot of the veneer cases, especially that Dr. Scharf and Dr. Kopecki have worked on, they are just really excited to show off their smile to anyone and are really concerned with their health. Along with other patients that come along that have not had any cosmetic work done, they are usually enthusiastic to come in and, you know, get a good cleaning. As a registered dental hygienist, we do cleanings every six months for the patients. Also for our periodontal involved patients, we bring them back every three months and do cleanings. We do deep cleanings for our scaling and re-planning patients, patients that might not have been to the dentist in a long time and bring them back and do a very deep cleaning for them. For children we do fluoride treatments to help make the teeth stronger. We also place sealants on the grooves of the back molars to help prevent cavities in their adult teeth. Also we measure in between the gums, check for periodontal disease and we also chart down carious legions that we might suspect so that way the doctor can check the patient and make sure that they do not have any decay. The doctors always have kind of a warm connection with their patients. Everyone of their patients they kind of have a personal bond with them. So it is not like you just come in and, you know, let me just check your teeth and then leave. You know, they actually have some history with the patient, you know, how is your family doing, how are the kids, and things of that nature.

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