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We take extra precautions with the sterilization of all instruments to ensure your safety during a cosmetic dental treatment at Exton Dental.

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CINDY: Here at Exton Dental Health Group, I want all of our patients to be very confident about our sterilization process. We take the utmost concern with all the diseases in America nowadays to reassure our patients that all of our instruments and hand pieces are sterile. All of our instruments come into the sterilization area. They are put through a cleaner first. Then we package them and the packages go into our autoclaves. They run through the autoclave cycle and then they are dispersed into our rooms. Again, I know it is very important to patients to know that everything is being taken care of in this process. So they do not have any concerns that instruments are not cleaned or hand pieces were not sterile. Everything is sterilized or disposable in our office. So we want to make sure that you do not have any worries or concerns when you come here. We take care of all that for you.

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