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Dental Implants


Dental implants are excellent for replacing missing teeth. Exton dental excels in treating people for dental implants, taking extra special care to make sure they are done properly.

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DR. DAVID KOPECKI: Dental implants are a wonderful adjunct to the dental restorative process. Dental implants can be used simply to replace a single tooth. They can be used to replace old missing teeth. They can be used as a modality to facilitate securing dentures or used in various different ways. A candidate for dental implants would be anybody who is missing teeth, either a single tooth, or all of their teeth. The implant process requires careful analysis based on the needs of the patient. When you get the complex cases, it is even more important to design the final restoration prior to placement of dental implants so that those implants can be placed and support the restoration. The restorations that can be made for dental implants vary tremendously. When you talk about dental implants, again you can replace one tooth, a crown, on an implant, a free standing tooth, or the implants can be used to secure a denture. The problem with contemporary dentists today is that many of them try to take shortcuts. And it requires a lot of attention to detail. And it requires that you pay attention to each step along the way.

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