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Become a Dental Assistant in Weeks


Our fast-track program can launch a new career as a dental assistant in just ten weeks here at the Exton Dental Health Group.

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DR. JONATHAN SCHARF: Hi. I am Dr. Jonathan Scharf, Director of the Contemporary Health Career Institute. I world like to tell you a bit about our dental assisting school. It is a fast tracked ten week program that launches a new career for students in just ten weeks. It is a very, very, very special thing that has happened because we are taking individuals who really had no job or no career and in just ten weeks we are able to put them in a dental office, get them a really, really great job and it is all done right here at the Exton Dental Health Group. We have put together what I think is a premier curriculum for these students. It is a fantastic program. I have structured this to be a dental school type environment. They are getting a fine education in a fast track and we are extremely proud of the instructors, the curriculum, and the students who have graduated from our program. And I want you to know, if you call and become part of our program, you too will start a new career in just ten weeks.

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