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Tell us about your dream smile, and we can develop a cosmetic dentistry treatment plan to make it a reality. Here at Exton Dental, the treatments are custom made for each individual, so you get precisely what you want.

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DR. JONATHAN SCHARF: I believe that we have a unique way of doing our consultation. It is really my believe that the most important part of the cosmetic procedure is understanding what you want. And I think that is the part that is most often overlooked. If you will just give me the time to talk to me about what it is that you want and show me what it is, every small detail about your smile you want changed, I can assure you, once we are on the same page, and once we understand each other, I can give you the smile you are looking for. So when you come in, I am going to ask you to sit before a mirror, make believe I am not even in the room, and make believe in the magical world you can have anything you want ‘cause you might be able to, and just tell me what it is that will give you that perfect smile that will make you perfectly happy. If you can do that, I will translate that into a treatment plan for you, so that I can make the dream of your smile a reality.

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