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Prosthodontics at Exton Dental


Our prosthodontic specialist at Exton Dental can help return the natural look and feel to your smile, creating a healthier bite that looks better too.

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DR JONATHAN SCHARF: If you have come for a Prosthodontic consultation, you will meet with Dr. Kopecki, our Prosthodontic specialist. He will spend some time with you, consulting with you to determine exactly what it is that your special needs are, and as a prosthodontist, he will be able to help you with the complex dental treatment that best suits you. Dr. Kopecki is an expert on providing you both the natural look and feel of the teeth that you had before. And I can assure you, that when he is finished with your treatment, you will feel 20 years younger, you will feel much better about yourself, and a Prosthodontic consultation, he will probably do something very special to change your life.

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