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In-Office Professional Whitening


With the in-office Zoom!® teeth whitening treatment at Exton Dental, your smile can be several shades whiter in only 90 minutes.

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DR. JONATHAN SCHARF: For patients with extremely healthy teeth but they are dissatisfied with the color, we are really committed to using the in-office whitening system. We use the Zoom system in our practice and we find that it is extremely effective and extremely simple for patients, especially busy patients. We deal with a lot of executives, people who are on the go, and we have in the past used the home whitening systems, which you have to give a tray to the patient and sometimes the compliance is two weeks every night, and that is very difficult. It is uncomfortable, it is time consuming, and some patients just really cannot comply. So the success rate with that procedure was not really as good as we liked. We have now moved onto the in-office whitening systems. And we find that they are extremely effective and very, very simple for the patients to have accomplished. You come to our office, the total visit is approximately an hour and a half and you walk out of here with tooth whitening probably five, six, or seven shades lighter than when you came into the office.

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