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Laser Gum Lifts and Reshaping


Gummy smiles can be corrected quickly and painlessly with our advanced laser gum lifts and reshaping. The treatments we use at Exton Dental are painless, quick, and exhibit immediate results.

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DR. JONATHAN SCHARF: Oftentimes a patient will come into the office unhappy with either the shape or the height of their gums. It is called the gummy smile. Sometimes when a patient smiles, they show not enough teeth and way too much gum. We use a laser procedure in the office to do gum lifts and gum reshaping. The wonderful part about the laser procedure is that it is extremely comfortable. It is painless, it is fast, there is relatively no bleeding whatsoever, and the recovery time is almost immediate. So a patient who comes into the office and has a laser gum lift or a laser re-contouring of their gum tissues, basically can leave the office with a new look, a new smile almost immediately.

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