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After asking for dentist recommendations from her friends, Alison describes in this cosmetic dentistry testimonial how she found Dr. Scharf, founder of Exton Dental. For 23 years, Dr. Scharf has maintained Alison's smile with superior dental services and quality care.

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ALISON: My name is Alison and I have been with Exton Dental for approximately 23 years now along with my husband and my two children. Before I came to Exton Dental, I was comfortable with my smile but I knew there were some flaws in my teeth that I needed to have taken care of. When I did take the initiative to proceed with that, I inquired with different friends and relatives as to who in the area they would recommend to do these procedures for me. And that is when I found Dr. Scharf. After I had the procedures that Dr. Scharf completed, I felt more comfortable with my smile. I deal with a lot of people every day and I have to have that confidence when I am speaking with them. When I come through the doors at Exton Dental, it is more a family ordeal. You come in and you are greeted by the receptionist. Your hygienist is waiting for you if you were coming for a cleaning and then Dr. Scharf. Dr. Scharf knows exactly what he is going to do. I feel so comfortable when I am in that chair. I know when I leave that it is going to be perfect The personal relationship that I have with Dr. Scharf is he knows my family and he knows them well. I know that when I come here, I am going to get nothing but perfection. We talk about his son, my son, my husband, his wife. I feel so at ease when I come here because it is like a family. When you walk in the door, it is truly like a family. And they work with you financially wise, they work with your insurance plans, they do what they can to make your teeth look how you want them to look.

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