In this cosmetic dentistry testimonial for Exton Dental, Mike lists some of the treatments he's received from Dr. Scharf - porcelain crowns, teeth whitening, white fillings, and even an emergency procedure. These procedures helped create Mike's amazing smile, and transform his dental health.

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MIKE: My name is Mike and I had several procedures done here at Exton Dental. One was a da Vinci porcelain crowns on my two front teeth. And I have had teeth whitening. I also had old fillings replaced with tooth colored filling material. This is an old injury that I had some temporary crowns put on many years ago. And I bit into a frozen Snickers bar and sheared one of those off on a Friday morning. And it was an emergency situation because I had no front teeth. And I called the office and Dr. John met me here on a Friday and performed this emergency procedure for me. So prior to that, I rarely went to a dentist. The process that John used took a long time to create just the right look I think that Dr. John felt comfortable and now I have been in a profession where I do a lot of public speaking and I feel very comfortable with the outcome of the work that Dr. John did. As I said, I never used to go to a dentist on a very regular basis. And my experience here has been such that I faithfully come, you know, on a routine schedule every couple times a year. And I think that is because of the atmosphere in this office. It is just very relaxed and very comfortable. And I always feel well cared for. Some dentists, I think they can try to put you down and the staff here always makes me feel like, you know, I am doing well, taking care of my teeth even though I know I do not do as much as I should and I just feel like they give great service. Dr. Scharf is a perfectionist. I mean, he is actually—I think he is an artist at heart. And what he creates is, it is mechanically it is very, very sound. I think he put Titanium studs or something where my root canal used to be but I think he did a couple iterations of these teeth to get them just so. I could not tell the difference but he was not satisfied until it met his artistic eye. I would definitely recommend people to Dr. Scharf. In fact I have recommended family and friends to Dr. Scharf. And again it is the professionalism of the staff and the perfectionist attitude that Dr. John instills and permeates through the whole culture here at Exton Dental.

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