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Through this restorative dentistry testimonial for Exton Dental's Dr. Kopecki, David talks about how he attained a healthier smile through some of our procedures, including a tooth extraction and dentures.

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DAVID: Before my treatment I had a lot of cosmetic problems. My teeth did not look very good. I had a lot of problems eating. And I just did not feel very healthy. You know I came into Exton Dental. Dr. Kopecki took care of me feeling much, much more healthier now. And, you know, I feel a lot less self-conscious about myself. And I have seen the course that the treatment is going to take and ultimately I believe it is going to help me out a lot. And I feel really comfortable, you know, with all the people here. Everybody has been kind, courteous, attentive, and anytime I have needed anything I have gotten in here in record time. Dr. Kopecki has every step of the way has taken me through it. You know, we developed a relationship right off the bat. You know, I can talk to him about pretty much anything which was very helpful in this situation. He gave me a course of treatments and a number of options and we decided on what we were going to do and that, you know, that has really given me a lot of confidence to move forward. The people are very helpful. The doctors are very up front as to what needs to be done and I appreciate that because with that being that upfront, you understand what is involved going into the process.

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