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Dr. Scharf's Personal Philosophy


When you come in to my office looking for a particular cosmetic dentistry, relax and simply describe what results you want. At Exton Dental, we can use a variety of techniques to get you what you need.

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DR. JONATHAN SCHARF: I would like to share with you my personal philosophy on cosmetic dentistry which maybe a little different than you are familiar with. I am not procedure oriented. I am goal oriented. When you come to my office, just tell me what you want. I do not want to know if you think you need veneers, if you need bonding, or whitening, just tell me what you think you need and what you want to look like. It is my job to choose the procedures that you need to have that perfect smile. People come in with a pre-conceived notion as to what they think they need. They will come and say, well I need bonding on a tooth or I need veneers or I need bleaching. And most of the time, it is really they want something a lot different than that, they just do not know yet what they want. So all you need to do is come in have a consultation with me. Tell me what it is in this magic world that you want and what you want to look like and I can assure that I will come up with the procedures that will make that perfect smile that will be special just for you.

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