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In this restorative dentistry testimonial, Janet describes how her treatments here at Exton Dental have helped to restore her beautiful smile.

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JANET: My name is Janet and I got a dental implant and it was followed up later by a crown. I have had a lot of restorative dentistry in my life. I have never had very good dental care when I was a child. And a tooth came loose and I guess the bone was loose. And I just could not lose that chewing area. I really needed it. So I had to look around to find somebody that would do that for me. So I asked a friend who was another dental professional for a recommendation. And he recommended Dr. Kopecki. So I called, I came here. And he basically looked at my mouth, took a lot of x-rays, was very patient. And said I think I can solve your problem. And he did. The experience in the office was great. Dr. Kopecki was very professional and he certainly solved my problem. I don’t have anything but good to say about it really. I not only would recommend this office to someone else but I have recommended it to others. Yes. Because they do such nice work and really as I said solved my problem. That was great.

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