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The Paynor family describes how they actually look forward to their dental visits with Dr. Kopecki, in this family dentistry testimonial for Exton Dental. Come visit us for yourself, and you'll realize your family will feel right at home, too.

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STEVE: I am Steve Paynor. This is my wife, Kathy, my oldest daughter Megan, and my youngest daughter, Holly. We moved back into the area nine years ago to make long story short. I grew up here. But when we moved back into the area, we needed a dentist. And my wife got a recommendation for Dr. Kopecki. KATHY: There was an incident where I cracked one of the crowns that I had and Dr. Kopecki was very good at making sure it was a very painless procedure and he restored it and reshaped it and allowed me to have a natural bite on my tooth. And I no longer had any pain and I could eat whatever I wanted and it was very positive and, you know, once again I was very grateful for the nice work that he did. It looks very natural just like one of my own teeth. It has just been a really good relationship that we have had. And the fact that they took such good care of our children and prepping Megan for her braces was a blessing. MEGAN: I love coming here because they are always nice and kind and courteous to you when you come. They are never like pushy or like demanding. And they make it kind of fun to come to the dentist which most dentists are not like, some dentists are like mean. So we like coming here. HOLLY: I like Dr. Kopecki because all his employees are fun, because sometimes they name like the tool that they use so you do not get scared of them. And once you are done, you always get to choose out a toy and sometimes they are really fun. And that is really why I come here. And they are very caring. And they always ask my parents like how I am doing and stuff. Everyone is very caring and ask me how they are doing. STEVE: It is almost like you walk in, they know who you are, they ask how things are. KATHY: Yeah they call you by name and they know who you are and are ready for you and there is no waiting. The hygienists are usually standing there waiting for you with your chart and they have already reviewed it. And they are very thorough and when the girls have had to get cleanings, they are not afraid to come here. They actually kind of look forward to it a little bit. But they are not afraid. I remember growing up and being afraid to go to the dentist and that was very important to me. And the first appointment that the girls had, was a selling point to us that they made the girls, the hygienists, the girls behind the desk, and the reception area, and the dentists alleviated my fears about how my children would be at their appointments. I have recommended Exton Dental to several people. Because lots of people come and go in the community and when you start conversations with people and they are like I am looking for a dentist, I am like, I have the dentist group for you. And we love them and then I tell them the history of what they have done and our children go and I will see them again later and they are like oh I went to the dentist and you recommended them and I love them and now they come here. So it has been 9 years since we have been coming here.

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