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Your First Exton Dental Visit


During your first visit to the cosmetic dentistry center of Exton Dental, you can expect personal attention to your needs and the highest quality of care.

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DR. JONATHAN SCHARF: When you come to the office for the first time, if you have not completed your medical history form on our website, you will be able to come in and spend some time filling out the medical history and get a little bit more of your dental history so we can understand what it is that you need from us. You will then spend some time with me and we will do a cosmetic interview. This is a very, very important part of the procedure because once I understand what your needs are, I can translate that into a plan for you. If I think that it is necessary, we will ask that we take some x-rays so that we can evaluate exactly what the health of your teeth is before we start dealing with the aesthetics of your teeth. Once we formulate the treatment plan, and you understand what we are trying to accomplish, our treatment coordinator will sit with you, thoroughly explain the procedures, thoroughly explain the appointment time’s necessary, and work with you on the financial arrangements.

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