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Full Coverage Restorations


Dental crowns are used to treat cracked or badly damaged teeth. At Exton Dental, you can get several different types of crown to best fix the problem you may have.

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DR. DAVID KOPECKI: Full coverage restorations are also known as crowns are used in dentistry to reinstate the structure and integrity of a tooth. So if a tooth is badly broken down, then a crown maybe recommended to be placed on the tooth. There are many different ways that a crown can be made. Some have a metal base and there is porcelain baked on it. Some are all porcelain. And some have a ceramic base that porcelain is baked on. An impression is taken of the tooth and a temporary restoration is placed. The impression is sent to a dental laboratory with very specific instructions on shade and contours. A few weeks after that appointment, a patient would return and the temporary crown is then removed and the permanent crown is placed on the tooth.

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