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Tracy - Insurance Coordinator


Tracy, our insurance coordinator at Exton Dental, will work with your insurance to ensure you get the benefits you deserve and the care you require.

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TRACY: My name is Tracy and I am the insurance coordinator here at Exton Dental Health Group and the Pennsylvania Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. I have been here for just about five years. My job basically here is take care of all insurance information, claims, let you know about your benefits, if you have any questions, help with anything. I also help you through your first visit. And then through all your remaining visits that you will have here in our practice, remind you when you are due for your cleanings and make sure that you maintain your dental care. Working for the doctors here is great. They are wonderful. They are great dentists. You know what you get when you first walk in the door. They are great. They are truly gifted dentists. They have changed a lot of people’s lives. They have changed—I have seen people leave in tears. It is amazing some of the things that you know they have been able to do for some people. They have changed their lives in many, many ways. Working for the two doctors is great. They are both wonderful, wonderful dentists. They are amazing. Some of the things they have done for some patients. Some patients have actually left here in tears because they can’t believe, you know, the smile that they are walking out of the office with. It is amazing what they do, it really is. It is a gift what they can do. They are artists. They know, it is amazing. The patients they love the doctors. They know exactly what they are getting from the first appointment. They are both very relaxed. They, you know, they tell you exactly what can be done for you and they work with you. They are wonderful. They are good people.

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