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Periodontics and Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry - Exton Dental Health Group and The Pennsylvania Center For Cosmetic Dentistry

Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that involves improving and maintaining the health of the gums and soft tissues of the mouth, as well as the prevention and treatment of gum disease. Although many are unaware, most American adults are affected by periodontal disease to some degree. Thankfully, periodontal disease is relatively easy to control when detected and treated before it has a chance to progress. This is one of the reasons why Dr. Jonathan Scharf encourages his patients to schedule routine oral examinations and professional dental cleanings. As with most dental problems, prevention is the best line of defense against gum disease.

At Exton Dental Health Group and The Pennsylvania Center For Cosmetic Dentistry, we are able to offer our patients superior periodontal care. In addition to being one of the most prominent cosmetic dentists in the country, Dr. Scharf is accomplished in an extensive range of periodontal procedures, having completed a three-year post-graduate program in this branch of dentistry. Furthermore, he is able to provide many periodontal treatments more effectively and efficiently than ever, thanks to advancements in laser dentistry.

Residents of Lancaster, the Main Line, West Chester, suburban Philadelphia, and surrounding areas are encouraged to schedule a periodontal exam at our dental practice in Exton today, even if they believe that they have perfect oral health. For those who do not suffer from periodontal disease, Dr. Scharf can help to maintain the health of your mouth. For those who are experiencing gum problems, whether mild, moderate, or severe, Dr. Scharf can help to bring periodontal disease under control and prevent its progression.

Gum Lifting

At Exton Dental Health Group and The Pennsylvania Center For Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer advanced gum-contouring procedures through laser dentistry. Under ideal circumstances, very little to no gum tissue shows when a person smiles. Optimally, only a small pink area of tissue should peek out from beneath the upper lip. However, for many people, a much larger patch of gum tissue is exposed when they smile or talk. Some of these people feel self-conscious due to their "gummy" smiles.

In such cases, the teeth are often perfectly normal in size, but they appear to be too short due to the presence of excess gum tissue or a high upper lip. By using advanced laser technology to carefully and artfully contour gum tissue, Dr. Scharf is able to create teeth that are more appealingly and proportionately shaped in relation to the lips when the patient smiles. As a result, patients who undergo the gum lifting procedure can smile and speak with greater confidence and poise. Furthermore, advances in laser dentistry allow Dr. Scharf to perform the procedure with minimal patient discomfort and a significantly reduced recovery time. Patients emerge from the procedure with the vibrant, youthful smile they have always desired.

Preserve Your Periodontal Health

The health of your gums is fundamental to the health not only of your mouth, but of your entire body. Although brushing, flossing, and a healthy diet are necessary to maintaining periodontal health, they must be augmented by regular dental visits. At Exton Dental Health Group and The Pennsylvania Center For Cosmetic Dentistry, we have the technology and the skill to ensure early detection and treatment of gum problems. By scheduling routine oral exams and cleanings at our office, you are actively taking steps toward a lifetime of excellent oral health.

To schedule a periodontal screening, or to learn more about how you might benefit from gum contouring through laser dentistry, residents in Lancaster, suburban Philadelphia, the Main Line, West Chester, and communities throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania are invited to contact our office in Exton today.

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You can learn more about our office in Exton, near Lancaster and the Main Line, and the laser dentistry we use for soft tissue procedures by contacting us today.

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“When someone just comes up to me, a perfect stranger, and says, ‘wow, those teeth look great,’ it’s a great compliment. It builds a lot of self confidence. Now I’m not afraid to smile. So thank you, Dr. Jon.”
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“I am absolutely thrilled with my teeth - with the work that Dr. Scharf has done. It’s great. You just want to smile more and bigger, and they look fabulous. I’m not self-conscious now about smiling really big with all the excess gum that I had previously. Thank you, Dr. Scharf.”
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